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Looked up from my paper and saw this.I don’t remember typing that…
The life i live
Most pathetic spam email. 
"i advice link" & "Norton?" as a signature

Reading a 95 page thread on Microsoft’s website of people having random freezing in Windows 7 64 bit like me.


My Sims 3 Modern House (by superb3113)

Spanish video is recoding and being compiled on the laptop…

While I work on my Sims 3 house video on my desktop.

Multitasking: Level 45.

Will be the 3rd video I make this week.

Computer comparison to humans?

Brain = CPU/Memory & Hard Drive
Where you store things to remember, think things out. Imagine thoughts and scenarios, as if you were looking at pictures and videos on a computer. Our minds can sometimes become crowded with thoughts and data. On a computer, you would simply do a defrag.

Eyes = Graphics card
How we process what we see. As a computer would process what it displays to a monitor. Glasses and contacts would essentially be changing your graphics card for a better, clearer picture.

Mouth/Voice = Speakers
How we make sounds, speak words. A computer would use speakers to make it’s sounds.

Ears = Mic
How a computer knows and records what we are saying. Just like we can hear sounds and voices.

Blood vessels/bones = Motherboard & Computer Case
Because this is the construction that makes us. All of those tiny, metal traces in the motherboard are like vessels. The hard, solid PCB like bones. If computers didn’t have motherboards, all of the other components become useless. If a computer had no case, it would still work, but would have no form.

Heart = Power Supply
Why? Because if this stops working, you stop working. Just as if the Power Supply stopped working, the computer does too. Electricity through the traces of the motherboard is similar to blood pumping through blood vessels.

Of course computers can’t breath, eat, smell, or move on it’s own.

But if you want you can think of Lungs/Sweating = Fans
Because like fans, lungs pull in fresh air, and push out used air.
Fans also keep computers cool, like sweating does for us. & well, fans keep us cool too.

Things like our Hands = Keyboard, Mouse, etc. Anything that you can use to interact

Bill Gates & Steve Jobs both dropped out of college, and look how rich they got.

I’m just saying.